About Sandra



We just love Italian Ice!!!


I was born and raised in New York City and moved to North Carolina in 1997, a city girl with southern roots.  I graduated from High Point University and moved to Raleigh with my family.  Growing up I always visualized owning my own business but just wasn't sure what kind of business I wanted. Perhaps a fresh market fish store, a laundromat, a beauty supply franchise or travel agency owner to list a few.  The name Myrrona is a tribute to my mother (Myrtle) and my brother (Ronald) who are in heaven, looking down on me and with me everywhere I go.

At this stage in life I still work full time but living in the moment and following my heart.  So as I walk through this path called life, I am happy.  I look forward to meeting new people and introducing my product to the community. Thank you God for allowing my dreams of entrepreneurship to come true.  See you around town and be blessed. 

Thank you,


Sandra Jackson, President

Owner and Operator of Myrrona's ,LLC